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Originally Posted by Zunaid
So he who yaps most gets most money? Sohel will then outspend us all.
No worries, I mentioned no spamming. Or else you will get find for pulling a JS, or Dean Jones.

Originally Posted by Sohel NR
So where's the pool of players? When is the draft and what's the order?
It's coming. Once all the teams have a manager obviously. Cmon now, I've been posting the order in all 4 pages. Your order is the moment you select your city. So you are #8. Not too low. But possibly the worst place to be out of 16, on a snake draft. Your order don't change lol.

Originally Posted by maysun
And did the owner of LA just change from Larry Ellison to Eli Broad?
Ya it did. It made more sense. But you want him back or someone else? Like I said, get a rich guy/company, it will only help your bank. LOL @ ZK and Sandra Bullock.
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