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Originally Posted by Sohel NR
Well, this could be an ongoing thing as long as the MBL season in theory. But I see your point.

Can we do a lottery based draft rather an auction, with all players becoming RFAs in the next season? Salary caps would be a great touch also.

How would you determine a match winner BTW?
We don't have any sort of cash system in place ATM. So we can't have salary caps, or bid auction. Therefore the first come, first serve w/ snake draft. Only rules I'm thinking applying are; Max 3 players from one country, 1 Assos, 1 American, squad length 15-20*.

I'm however thinking about having "cash" from season 2 (if season 1 works out and if people want season 2.) Your team will earn money through out season 1, based on random stuff I can think of, for ex, posting the line ups on time, being active here, good sledging, winning games, building a solid team, being on my good side :P, all in all managing your team well will earn you "money" this season. (FYI, if I start counting from right now, you are leading the money chart, Nadim is the lowest, as he hasn't even posted a HG yet lol.) I'm still working on that.

And to make sense of this season, who is paying your players this season? Well that's why you are suppose to name a rich daddy owner . Signing a good guy will also help your bank. I was also going to ask you guys to get sponsors, but I started on the kits early, so that wouldn't have worked. Not to worry, I got everyone hooked with decent sponsors.

- I don't know how many oldies I'll bring back. I will probably only let in retired players that are still active in some way or another (IPL, BBL etc).

- Coin toss. Hah no. Simulation. I'm still looking around for the best cricket sim. I haven't decided yet. Last resort; EA Cricket 07. But I really don't wanna have to, as it's been used before for too many times. And it's on my old comp, which I don't wanna dig out.
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