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Originally Posted by Zunaid
Oh yeah... of course ... but the trend is important .. remember we used to lose to Papua New Guinea and Bermuda. Now winning against England or Australia while still an upset is not "The World's Most Amazing Sporting Upset" like it was after our 2005 NatWest win against 2005 in Australia. Before, one heard of 'foreign' experts disparaging us or questioning our Test status or making jokes about 2-day Tests. I don't see them these days - even after the 58 and 78 and in fact those were reported as surprises by the foreign press instead of as a natural state of affairs.

The problem is with our fickle fans who sway like pendulums from one extreme to another. We are either World Champions or we are The World's #1 Losers. The folks don't even deserve to be called fans and need to be flagellated on a regular basis.

What we are is one of the strongest Cricket playing nation in the world. We are after all ranked 9. Yeah, we are not the best and we do not have the player pool to be the best, yet. But we are getting there. Perhaps slower than we would like, but we ARE getting there.

I feel much better these days where I can seriously contemplate a series win against the visiting Aussies without being completely laughed out of the room as opposed to the days we were getting beaten by Malaysia and Denmark. Yes, Denmark. Worse - Bermuda - population 64K. Heck on a good day, a wedding in Dhaka has more people.

I will let the so called fans indulge in their self-flagellation, their woeful wails of abject sorrow and their painful anguish. I, on the other hand, will enjoy my cricket.

Cricket, Bangladesh Cricket.
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