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Originally Posted by Habib
Why are you so mad Zee vai
Why I am so mad? Gee let's see! I've been using cmd.exe more and more lately, and it's driving me nuts. I was spoiled for years with Apple's without even knowing it. It just seemed like the way a command line environment should work on a modern operating system. It's not the things like "dir" instead of "ls" that drive me crazy. It's not even the difference in how wildcards are handled. It's the UI of the environment hosting the shell!!!! [On Windows, are there different terms for the UI part (like vs. the shell part (like tcsh, bash, etc)?!!?] Windows uses the Control key for shortcuts while the Mac has the Command key for shortcuts! So, the Mac can continue to use Command-C for copy without interfering with Control-C in the shell!!! But, this isn't so easy on Windows since Control-C is used for copy, but also needs to be used in the shell!!

So let me ask YOU Habib: how come YOU are the one wearing that smiley face and not as mad as me?
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