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Default Razzak’s career in doubt

Reported left-arm spinner Abdur Razzak might have to face a massive task for making a comeback in the international circuit as a radical change to his bowling action is needed for his deliveries to be valid, according to sources at the Bangladesh Cricket Board.

One of the advisers, who read the report, informed it was assumed that only the faster deliveries of Razzak were faulty but according to the report some of his normal deliveries were illegal too.

Another high official confirmed that Razzak has to go a long way before returning to the national fold as his bowling-arm bends too much than the allowable limit.

The International Cricket Council is sometimes flexible in its application of the rule against the bowlers. A fast bowler is allowed to bend his arm 10 degrees, a medium pacer 7.5 degrees and the limit is 5 degrees for the slow bowlers and spinners while making the delivery.

On the other hand, the adviser informed Razzak bends his arm 12 degrees, almost two and a half degrees more than the ICC-stipulated limit. Some reports revealed that Sri Lankan spinner Muralitharan flexes his arm through 14 degrees while bowling the ‘doosra’.

However, Razzak needs a total change to his bowling action as some of his normal deliveries are also illegal. After having a two-week long examination on his action at Birmingham, England, Razzak retuned home some weeks ago after getting a positive assurance.

Bangladesh Cricket Board perhaps would support Razzak to the last though there are plenty of left-arm spinners waiting in the wings. Another question also arises as to how long Razzak would be able to keep his patience knowing the harsh truth.

In the meantime, the Bangladesh Cricket Board will hold its first meeting on Razzak today to set a course of action for him. He has already been asked to join the national camp at the Army Stadium today. His suspect bowling action forced him out of the 21-member preliminary squad declared three days ago but the opportunity will keep in touch with the BCB. He will also help the batsmen in practice sessions by his bowling.

“Naturally I am a bit frustrated for not having a place in the squad. I know it’s natural as my bowling action needs to be rectified but being out of cricket is painful,” Razzak told New Age.

“Chief selector Faruque Ahmed and regular captain Habibul Bashar contacted me and told me to join the camp,” added the 26-year-old talented spinner from Khulna. “I don’t know what my exact problem is. Perhaps I will know everything after joining the camp,” concluded Razzak.

The left-arm spinner attracted the attention of the Bangladesh cricket bosses in 2001-2002 season while playing in the premier league for the Biman Bangladesh team. In the following season he bowled even better and was considered as one the best left-arm spinners of Bangladesh cricket. However, his bowling action was doubtful from the very beginning of his career.

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