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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Usually in a golf course there is a two nine holes streaches ot total of 18 holes, the first one is known as front nine and the second one is known as back nine. Each holes are built in differently (how long they are). The course designer sets a number on each hole (This number is known as Par). If one can put his ball in the cup with that many shots then he scores a zero. This is called par. If he can finish the hole with one less shot then he scores -1, which is called as birdie. If he can finish the hole with two less shots then he gets a score of -2, an eagle. Now if the golfer goes over one shot than the designated number he gets a +1 a boggie, +2 double boggie, +3 triple boggie, +4 Quadruple boggie; So on so forth.

Example: Say hole number 1 is set as Par 4. Which means if you take four shots to finish the hole you make a zero or a par. if you take 5 shots then you made +1 or a boggie.
If I understand your lessons correctly, is following calculation correct??

Total 18 holes. Let's say, designer set 4 shots for each hole (par). So, a total of 72 shots to cover all 18 holes. Now, if a golfer takes 68 shots to cover all holes he will finish - 4 and if someonbe takes 80 shots to cover the holes he will finish +8. In that case first one will be the winner by a margin of 12.

Is that right?

Is there any other bonus for covering a particular hole well below par (no. of shots) ?
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