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Aquaman: full of cheesy anime style 1-liners, every single dialogue in the film was unbearable and I audibly cringed throughout the film. It's essentially an extremely similar plot to Black Panther with the roles reversed between the good guy and the bad guy.


Captain Marvel: I didn't like the way they wrote her character and Brie Larson on this movie. She is this god-tier over powered super hero and is very hollow and robot like personality (kind of like Dr. Manhattan or Superman from Batman v Superman *vomits* ). Her role was boring. I didn't feel like I cared for Captain Marvel throughout the film or could connect with her like I can on many other superhero movies. But Samuel L Jackson did an outstanding job, his best ever appearance as Nick Fury for sure.


Shazam: Liked it, Deadpool/ Guardians of the Galaxy-style super hero movie. This was actually the first good DCEU movie. Surprised. The villain was a meh...

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