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An unscientific poll result:


These straw polls are not scientific. They show supporter enthusiasm and the ability of campaigns to GOTV— get out the vote. It is massively easier to get someone to click on an online straw poll than it is to get people to actually get out and vote in a primary.

An impartial Democratic leadership would see this as an abject failure of every other declared or undeclared candidate to influence this poll, and a sign of the potential Bernie Sanders brings to the table. And note that I did not receive anything from the Sanders campaign about voting in this poll.

This suggests to me that the Bernie Sanders base is incredibly powerful. If the Democratic party gets behind him, the potential for building energy, hope and enthusiasm is profoundly more powerful than what Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Beto O'Rourke, Elizabeth Warren or any other candidate have shown they have to offer.
If Bernie wants the nomination, this how he has to win - landslide such that no shenanigans will work.
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