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PERVERT + CREEPY Uncle Joe, who is well known for inappropriately touching women and hugging them, and even giving them a rub down while hugging, will be toast should he decides to run, and even Trump's inner circle understands it:

Biden will be a bust, Trump aides assure their boss

The following paragraph is so telling. In 2004, Dean was the leftist candidate, but DNC chose corporatist BORING ROBOT Kerry, and unsurprisingly, he lost to Bush II. And they repeated the mistake in 2016 with Hillary. Trump's inner circle is hoping that DNC makes the same mistake in 2020, which DNC is very likely to commit. The first order of business for the democratic party is not to beat Republicans, but to ensure that their own party do not go back to FDR roots and become a true people's party.

While Biden’s advisers admit this dynamic presents challenges, they believe that pragmatism can prevail over left-wing passion, just as it did when Democrats nominated Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry rather than anti-Iraq war firebrand Howard Dean in 2004. They also point to recent polls showing “electability” as the top trait Democratic voters are looking for in a potential nominee — above all, they want someone who can beat Trump.
Trump previously called him 1% Joe, and this name will stick:

“He ran two or three times, he never got above 1 percent,” Trump said of Biden in a recent Fox News interview. “And then, Obama came along and took him off the trash heap, and he became vice president. He’s weak. So we’ll see what happens with him.”
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