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TOTAL LOSER LIGHTWEIGHT Beta O'Dork declared his candidacy with the following front page in Vanity Fair:

Note his quote: “I want to be in it. Man, I’m just born to be in it.” Who declares his candidacy by saying that it is all about ME and my ego? Not only Bernie, if any other contender had jumped into the race saying he or she was destined to be the POTUS, his candidacy would be over even before it started. But you don't hear any outcry about Beta O'Dork, because he is the anointed candidate of Center for American Progress, which is led by none other a great Crooked Hillary minion Neera Tanden.

People are pointing the fact that he lost by only 2.5% against Ted Cruz in Texas Senate race, but that happened because (1) he campaigned hard (2) Lizard Man Lyin' Ted is one of the most despised men even among the Republicans, and 50% of Republicans hate him. Thus HIGH ENERGY Beto O'Rourke will turn into LOW ENERGY Beta O'Dork in a national race.

Beta O'Dork thinks himself as White Obama because of his looks and rhetoric. He thinks he can win despite being a moderate Republican (per his voting records and fund raising history). But the fact is he is NO Obama. He is not charismatic like Obama. In terms of eloquence, he is no where close to Obama.

And more importantly, each campaign is unique. It is foolish to think that you can simply replicate someone and win. That never happens. Obama coalition will never happen. You have to build your own coalition. You have to create your own history. And like the Clintons, Obama is in wrong side of history, and copying him will only bring failure, as this article notes:

America’s already had the real Obama as President for eight years and its response was to vote in the least qualified presidential candidate in the history of the US, a man who in every way was the complete antithesis of his predecessor.
His speeches are full of empty vapid platitudes that will excite NOBODY. Even before starting, he described his campaign as the greatest campaign of American history . His Iowa campaign speech was unbearable to say the least.

Him joining the race is a good thing for Bernie - it will further divide centrist votes. Plus with so many centrist candidates, oligarchs/donor class will also struggle to unite behind one candidate, which means centrist candidates will struggle to raise money to seriously compete in the first five primaries, which will decide the fate. Also too many centrist candidates means DNC will find it hard to cheat, which was much easier in 2016, because in that two way race, simple voter suppression resulted in many Hillary victories.
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