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Salacious stories are emerging about CROOKED Co(p)mala Harris' dating life. At 29, CROOKED Kamala dated a 60 year old married guy, who BTW was estranged from his wife at that time, and very unsurprisingly, he did some political favors to her.

Now progressives do not care about private lives of people, and but if a partner in the relationship can yield power over you by virtue of holding a public office, genuine questions can be asked about intention and mutual consent of that relationship.

Of course Bernie is too much of a gentleman () to exploit these stories to beat Crooked Kamala, but primaries resort to this sort of dirty tactics all the time to beat opponents. Hillary tried to paint Obama as a Moslem born in Kenya, Bush portrayed McCain as someone who had an extra marital affair, the outcome of which was Bridget McCain.

If Crooked Kamal is coronated, Trump will have field day with these stories and he will hit her hard (in Trump's words). He will start by saying, "I really don't want to say this, but people are saying this.....". And he will end by saying, "BTW, no one respects women more than me!"
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