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Yesterday CNN organized three town halls for three lesser known candidates. Here is my quick evaluation of their performance:

John Delany: Horrible to say the least. Only corporate democrat talking points, nothing of substance. The sooner this impotent 90 era Clintonite democrat is castrated and banished from the scene, the better.

Pete Buttigieg: He came across as smart. All his answers had substance. He acted and talked like a normal human being and did not come across as scripted. He gave some witty responses, which shows he has a great sense of humor.

Tulsi Gabbard: She received tough questions throughout. She spoke slowly and carefully. She did well. I wish she were more forceful in answering certain questions to prove her true passion/position. When she was asked the gotcha question like if she would call herself a socialist or capitalist, she simply said she would not delve into name calling or labeling but rather preferred all working together to come out with policies that work for all. If I was asked that question, I would have put that moderator on the spot with this reply:

Sir, you are trying to put me on the spot by forcing me to say whether I am a capitalist or a socialist. I assume you are a capitalist. Can you define capitalism for me, a label that you so proudly associate yourself with? I am sure President Trump does not know anything about these labels, even though he dog whistles the public day and night about them. You know what? By asking this gotcha question, you are not doing any service to American people, you are simply playing into the hands of Trump, probably subconsciously.
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