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Originally Posted by Roey Haque
^ Nice read, but can easily be picked apart.Almost everything is a talking point from the Dem playbook. But I understand the need to pump out more such articles of course, because conservatism is kicking so much *** recently, that you would have to churn out quite a lot of those just to keep things in balance.
Conservatives are not kicking any @$$, but they are simply receiving a bit of Trumpian medicine from the progressives.

A Trump technique is to say some outrageous $***, advertently or inadvertently, which consequently creates such media stirring that it sucks all oxygen and forces all media conversation to center around it. Trump's objective is not truth; his objective is to force people to start a conversation and keep them busy.

When Bernie unabashedly preaches democratic socialism or AOC proposes green new deal or Ilhan Omar goes against Washington orthodoxy, it creates similar outrage from media. This is actually good. This is how you play politics in Trump age. This forces a conversation to start, and this is a first step in creating public opinion.

Conservatives are shocked seeing the boldness of progressives because they are used to dealing with WEAK and PATHETIC democrats like Obama and Co who never fought back. Times are changing!

But I don't know what you are trying to prove. Commie Loon is not the answer. He didn't say anything about taxes when he made that comment about millionaires owning too many houses,boats, etc. All he is concerned about is lecturing the 1%, 2%, when many of those guys are small to medium business owners themselves, creating jobs, and trying very hard to create more.

What job has Commie Loon ever created except the jobs created out of the tax payer's money. Typical hypocrite.
Sanders, if I recall correctly, never made any comment about billionaires owning multiple houses or cars. He simply calls them out for tax evasion.

BTW, republicans believe in small government and believe that private entrepreneurship, not government, should create jobs. Therefore, by your own logic, it is not Bernie's job to create jobs. His job is to enable policies that will help entrepreneurs create jobs. Did he do that? He did. Republicans always supported job destroying policies like NAFTA and TPP, but Bernie - he always vehemently opposed all trade deals.
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