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Arrow Table Tennis Thread

I haven't found an official Table Tennis (Ping Pong) thread here yet. So, here I go starting the official thread of টেবিল টেনিস on বাংলা নববর্ষ ১৪২৪.

Many of us who had schooling in Bangladesh tried TT in college life or at friend's place. The more you grow up, the less time you can manage to play cricket or soccer and the more you get interested in indoor sports, like TT. Same happened with me. I first played when I was just over 16 and soon got into it. In 2 years, my best friend and I began to beat the hell out of all the college "boro bhai's".

Then it got interesting. Other than 2 of us, no one else of our friend circle took it that seriously. It was a new sensation for us and we were crazy about TT gears. Convinced everyone that go abroad to get a good paddle+rubbers and so on. I had to leave BD for Canada soon and that really didn't end my enthusiasm in TT. However, since then I've been on and off. I had the potential to become a competitive player, but ended up being a recreational player although I won few small tournaments both in BAN and CAN. I'm a 1500 rated (USATT or TTCAN) player.

Here you can share your love for TT. If you still play, you can share your equipment and game style. I will share mine:

I'm a mid-distance attacking player who likes to spin/loop/push block. I've played with all kinds of rubbers (Sriver, MarkV, Catapult, Bryce, Magna, Rakza, H2, H3, T05, T64, T80, Target etc.). I proudly own the following blades apart from 8-10 other regular ones:

1) Sardius Carbon Off++
2) Schlager Carbon Off++
3) Timo Boll ALC Off+
4) Sanwei Pro V5 Off-

All-time fav player: Wang Liqin (CHN)

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