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Originally Posted by aklemalp
Allegations against Peyton Manning using Human Growth Harmones turning out to be false.

The reporter who reported this is recanting his statement.
The idiot who caught on Camera boasting that he and others gave Peyton HGH recanted and his recantation isn't very believable

He hired Ari Fleischer for PR, he used HGH ... it was for medicinal use. Admit it, it'll remove the stigma associated with HGH.

Leo Messi was juiced up with HGH through out Puberty and now look at him.
12.6 Syed Rasel to Sangakkara, OUT: What a delivery, completely fooled Sangakkara, first five delivery were the outswingers and now, this one comes in sharply, Sangakkara tries to left it and ball hits the off stump, top class bowling!
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