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Bangladesh and Kenya got screwed over in terms of matches back in the 90s.

Ireland and other Associates are getting screwed over in terms of matches as of now.

Good old ICC.

"War, war never changes..."

Or in this case

"Cricket administration, cricket administration never changes"

If you get that reference please give yourself a pat on the back btw.

"However, it is most probably not correct to say that they have lacked support or that if they had the same support Bangladesh had, they'd be significantly better Test sides"

Afghanistan are getting plenty of support. Stadiums being built for them, Asia cup inclusion, decent exposure. The Asian bloc are treating them pretty well I think.

Us on the other hand, bar the invaluable county experience we get nothing really. Even qualifying for underage world cups is unfair. Afghanistan play off against teams of a calibre I'd expect to find passed out at 3 am outside of a club i.e. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia etc. We have to face teams of an actually decent standard in Scotland.

We get 1 game every two years from England. Afghanistan have the Asia Cup now. Hardly fair?

Feel even worse for the others. Scorland get barely anything and the Dutch will now get nothing at all without ODI status.

Although I disagree with some of your points. i feel if we had regular series and a decent income like Bangladesh have had after 14 years I feel we'd have a better record to show for it.
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