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Originally Posted by zman
Phoenix Suns actually have a very good team. Under the tutelage of almost_COY_winner Jeff Hornacek they came very close to making the playoffs. They have a talented young roster and deep bench. Now that they've played a season together and developed tremendous team chemistry, as constructed, they're bound to make the playoffs as a lower seed next year. They also had enough cap space to sign one max salary player outright which would've catapulted them into the top half of the western conference.
Phoenix is not attractive. It is Hot. very Hot. Been there few times. 100+ in April - geessss!!! Difficult to raise family for the celebrities. No hollywood, no vegas, lime light. That is why Anthony moved from Denver.

Others would give max contract to the elite anyways.
Originally Posted by zman
I agree on this part...he's more like Magic but a much better scorer than him. Like Magic he makes his team mates a lot better. Physically he is more gifted than MJ/Kobe and he has a better all round game than them. That said the way Kobe/MJ played you'd think they never believed they could lose. Lebron on the other hand shifts his game to a slightly lower gear when it becomes apparent that his team will lose.
1) Lets just leave Kobe alone. Kobe is a punk to me. I think LeBron is better than him game wise.

2) A better scorer than Magic? Nope. I have seen him play. Showtime was one of the great shooters during his time. He just didn't take the shots. He made it happen. He played the point. Guards don't have that kind of shooting %.

Career stats:
Magic - FG% - 52%. FT - 84.8%
LeBron - FG% - 49.7%. FT - 74.7%.

Magic - Reb - 7.2%. Assists - 11.22%
LeBron - Reb - 7.2%. Assists - 6.87%

As for MJ, Down 13, on the road forth quarter with a minute something left against a bottom team (I am tempted to say philly), MJ on the bench. He shakes his head and tells his benchmate "I can't let this happen". Gets up and Doug Collins, I think his coach that time asks him to put him back, he scores 14, gets rebounds, 2 steals during the last minute. Noone else scores a single point from any team. Bulls win!!! That is MJ's folklore.

MJ driving and dunking on Jeff Hornecek (yup - the current Phoenix coach). Now Nornecek is innocent looking, no trash talking white guy. While going back a front seat fan screams at MJ "Pick someone of your own size" the camera mic picks that up. MJ turns back notices who said that. Husstles back stole the ball from either Hornecek or Stockton, back to basket flying and Greg Ostertag (Utah center) was trying to block the shot. Postering with his tongue out. After the dunk went back back paddling and close to the fan and said loudly "will that do?"

MJ would never backed down from any confrontation. Not against the bad boys Pistons not against the wide body Knicks. Never handed someone a gimme either. Chicago highschool boys competed and a boy name Finley (9th grader) won it to play one on one against MJ. This would be videoed and telecasted to selected region. The Kid is 6'2-3 ish. MJ is 6'5" himself. They T off. MJ embarrasses the Kid. Fakes, dunks, fade aways his entire repotoire. All moves. Defends as if he was defending Clyde Drexler. Wins bigs, walks off. Everyone was like WTH? He was just a high school kid. Why not let him make some shots? So press conference he answers, the Kid wanted to taste NBA. I gave him just that. He knows what and how much he has to work on to get to the NBA. Few years fast forward, Michael Finley (6'6" then)became an All-Star (west - Dallas) and guarded MJ (east). Few things were said between them. MJ gets the All-Star MVP.

No one can touch the folklore of MJ. You must have read Larry Bird's comment on MJ After michael scored 63 (I watched teams not be able to score 63) a record in Boston Garden: "I didn't think anyone was capable of doing what Michael has done to us," marveled Celtics ace Larry Bird. "He is the most exciting, awesome player in the game today. I think it's just God disguised as Michael Jordan." (something inhuman) In that game everyone took turns or came at him together to guard MJ. Noone could stop him.
"Michael was doing so much and so well, I found myself just wanting to stop and watch him -- and I was playing," said teammate John Paxson.

or Magic or Barkley saying about MJ. Here is John Sally (center). One of the bad boys of the Pistons. So MJ drives baseline and jumps, Sally guarding the rim jumps to block, mid-air MJ moves sideways away from Sally. extends his hand, tongue out dunks it. After the game, Sally is asked about the play. He says - you guys saw it. He shifted in the air without any support or anything touching him. We Mortals
can't defend that.

Only way LeBron can get near to MJ is win few scoring titles. I don't think that is possible with Durant playing at his level. MJ has 10 scoring titles. Seven in a row before he retired for baseball.
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