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Default Sympathy yes, but no excuse (Cricinfo The Stands; Tasmia Tahia)


From our readers —

Bangladesh news

June 7, 2013
Sympathy yes, but no excuse

Tasmia Tahia, UK
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With his raw talent and consistent inconsistency, he was the embodiment of Bangladesh cricket's story. That, however, means nothing now © ESPNcricinfo Ltd
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Ashraful, the first love of Bangladesh Cricket, the first world-class player Bangladesh had produced, the youngest Test centurion, the poster boy of Bangladesh Cricket - if you have been a Bangladesh fan, you have already read or heard these words a thousand times in the last week, be it on the news or in some Facebook page.
Now, having used up all the clichés, the rest of this piece is only my views, so feel free to disagree and question my limited wisdom on this topic.
Personally, I don't remember when I started watching or following cricket. I know it became a conscious obsession when I was about 14, when I started watching cricket matches between teams I had no connections to, and reading cricket literature and laughing at the silliest puns and jokes. But, I have watched Bangladesh play ever since I can remember, reportedly having woken up to celebrate that 1999 World Cup victory against Pakistan. I perhaps remember it so vividly thanks to the noise my family made, as I am not sure I even understood what winning meant, aged four.

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