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Originally Posted by Gowza
yeah rubel did well in his last test so i'd keep him as one of the pacers, sajidul would be a good pick as well, so would nazmul.
why Rubel ???? Dhurrrrrr hurrr faltu ekta bowler......ok,shob bad dilam age ja korse he now bowling well in the domestic level ???? From which angle u think rubel did well in the last test ? He has nothing...... Kindly check his international and domestic level@all.......Abul is far better,atleast he can bat well and i like his bowling action and variation,this man has just started his career and he will surely be better day by day..........what about Rubel ? Everyone already forget his two special match losing overs 1 against a bowler like Muralidharan and the other against M.Samuels ( 29 runs ! )/third ODI er over tar kotha na hoy bad e dilam.....i know Samuels have the ability,he did the same to(actually not same coz Malinga didn't give 29 in a over and i don't think Rubel is comparable fromm any angle with him) Malinga in the world cup but what about Murali ? Even i would forget everything if this man could perform in the domestic level but he never perform,we should take him again and again for what ????? Why why why ??? Just becoz he got pace ?? So, why shouldn't we take people like john,undertaker,khali?the r much stronger. lol
Such an expensive bowler. Shahadat is far better than Rubel as atleast he perform in the domestic and once he was a good test(int.) bowler.
All the bc members please answer my question- do u ever check his profile stats / ever watch his bowling ?
We have a lot of better options so,why should we take him ?
[Rubel jodi karo favourite player hoye thake sorry....plz don't mind......this is just my own opinion,kindly,don't banned me after this altu faltu comment sorry]

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