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Default New FP article: Time for a Spinner Hunt

Is spin our ultimate weapon? Is an SLA infested attack the way to go? Jeeshan Mirza dwells on the significance of spin bowling in the context of Bangladesh cricket and whether a spin-heavy attack is indeed what we need to conquer the world.

In economics, the theory of comparative advantage explains a country should specialize in making and exporting goods and services that it can produce most efficiently. In a way this idea can also apply to sports like cricket. Every cricketing nation seems to have the ability to unearth talent in certain areas much more easily than others. India has the ability to produce run scoring machines, Pakistan unearths skillful swing bowlers with ease, South Africa is known for their world class all-rounders and fielders, while Australia has always been good with genuine fast bowlers. Bangladesh too seems to have the ability to produce a category of players with ease - slow left arm spinners (SLA’s).
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