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That was my question as well in the suggestion box:
I think it was abducted and murdered in the middle of the night. Mods and Administrators have not responded yet... and taking to the streets would be counter-productive. Let us see if BC has more tolerance than RAB.

I did a search for it at 730 AM Eastern and it was gone. When I checked at 11:30 PM Eastern last night it was there. So it did happen in the middle of the night. Last thing I saw was a post saying that the poster needs to be careful who he prays behind. Prior to that someone posted a video which I did not watch as I am not interested in Mullahs giving Tafsir or Dogma.

If it was a post then the post should have been removed. I saw no bigotry or intolerance in the Opening Post! The thread was good. Religious intolerance seems to be rife - even among the so-called worldly liberals here.
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