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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye

See Wiggins soar. He has MJ type potential. I am not sure if he has the killer instinct like MJ or not. From getting cut from the versity team, MJ always wanted to prove everyone wrong. Wiggins is too timid to me at this point. More like James. But his potential can reach the clouds.
He does have talent but really disagree he's an MJ type talent. Like you said it was the killer instinct that made Jordan what he is to combine with his freakish athleticism and his ability to drive and shoot.

He's not even close to Lebron at this point as Lebron was a far superior player at this stage. He's got freakish athleticism but his jump shot is still very suspect. Like you say, he's too timid and too unsure in his decision making.

That being said, he's still very young and has plenty of time to grow. He should be the #1 pick over the likes of Embiid and Parker. He has the highest ceiling but is the biggest risk.
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