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It is difficult not to agree with the essence of the article I have to admit. Apart from the odd mistaken figure, the facts are pretty much laid bare.

It doesn't reflect the subtle improvements since September 2010 (Banglawash vs NZ, beating England at a WC, wins over India & SL at Asia Cup), but the trend is not really upwards and the individual efforts of the players as a unit is just not improving. This is not a place for comparisons with others from more favoured countries yet a simple example of England's number 7, Matt Prior, who averages above 42 with 6 centuries, and you can see where this article is going.

What is likely prompting SB to write this is the fact that Pybus has come out with many issues behind the scenes that appear to restrict progress (in his view) and the fact that Ireland will be soon making their excellent case for Test status. I can't deny I would expect Ireland to overtake Bangladesh in Test nation rankings within a few years due to their coaching ethos and organisation, plus player attitude. Their players already gaining valuable experience in English county cricket.

SB's article implies some sort of paralysis and stagnation of both ideas and output in Bangladesh. He puts the blame at the ex-President's door for that. I believe that unless and until the board is truly independently elected (and not a government appointed board) that the last 12 years will continue. You just have to have cricket people running cricket, with a genuine knowledge of what needs to be done and a will to do it.

For all of us who have a passion for cricket development in Bangladesh, there are many more who prefer to keep it as it is for various non-cricket reasons.

Sport can often just be used a vehicle of financial control and power by those who do not have cricket matters at their own heart. I think if you read between the lines in this SG article, that is what he was perhaps touching on.

Just by putting collective fingers in ears and going "la,la,la" to drown out what's being said in these articles, doesn't make them any less true. Instead, it would be prudent to delve deeper and see what can be done to improve. At least someone is bothering to highlight genuine issues.
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