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Originally Posted by Jadukor
Disagree. Hillary won the popular vote despite being a widely disliked candidate. Trump did not win like Obama did 2008.. Trump scrapped through by razor thin margins in key states which could have gone either way. There is no right wing populism red wave because it cannot explain why Dems annihilated the house Republicans in the mid term. There is an increase in popularity for right wing politics due to broken immigration policies and uncontrolled migration. Most trump voters are also misguided and they think coal jobs and manufacturing jobs will come back without understanding the larger shifts in technology and industry. It is not Obama or Hillary's fault VHS tapes got replaced by Blu Ray and you lost your job at Video Connection. That is where the industry is heading no matter who is in power. Trump voters also cannot differentiate between a good right wing populist leader and a con artist who entered politics to make some quick bucks from Russia. This guy has the general knowledge of a 5th grader and people hail him as the next Messiah. This is absurd.

In the US, I believe it is the result of failing to control the southern border for decades and partially due to the Dems playing race politics. In Europe it was triggered by the decision to take in a huge influx of refugees and until that point Merkel was popular. Macron is trying to introduce reforms so obviously his popularity took a hit but no reason to count him out just yet. If the left make sensible policies to curb accelerated migration.. they will win again. This will be proven when Trump gets soundly beaten in the next election. The guy in Brazil got sympathy vote for being stabbed.
Excellent Post spot on observation.

In America, although Public high schools are "free"(comes out of taxpayer money). For the most part, unless you live in NY, California, Massachussets or Areas surrounded by Prestigious universities, the public education system is broken. Teachers are not as well paid as they should be and most people do not care unless you have a passion for learning, which is culturally shunned upon and people call you stuff like "nerd"/"smarty-pants".

Accelerated migration is a catch 22. In places like Libya, Syria, Yemen most people were very happy with their way of life until it was invaded and destroyed. You can only have one and not both. If you invade/colonize a country, then expect Immigration(why do you think so many desi people in London ).
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