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Originally Posted by Nadim
8 years and 3 months....since I joined BC. How time flies
From Anoynimity to Fame
The story of an Internet Celebrity

Nadim Gazi may not be most recognizable name outside of the cricketing world. But to the millions of Tigers fans and cricket lovers worldwide, Mr. Gazi is the most famous and prolific BC-er of all. He boasts a Facebook fan page with over hundred thousand likes and his fame is only rivaled by the ex-cheat and now clean Mohammed Ashraful. So to understand his fandom, I visited a hangout of few university students.

"Well, not all of us can be the next Shakib or Tamim. I don't know how to hold a cricket bat. But I am very fast at typing. So Nadim bhai and his achivement gives us hope to be the next star", says Dildar Elahi, an university student from Dhaka. But his friend interjects "not just any star, but an internet superstar".

Dildar Elahi, the next internet superstar from Dhaka.

Dildar's room is plastered with posters of Nadim Gazi typing away in his beloved forum known as BanglaCricket. In one particular picture, Mr. Gazi is shown typing blindfolded. Dildar says it his favorite picture.

So how did this present day superstar rose from total anonymity? We will sit down with the living legend next week for an exclusive interview
Edit: Due to complaints of a particular interviewee, the name Dildar Elahi is no longer in use. He goes by the name Dilscoop now.
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