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Originally Posted by SS
Yuvraj was lost in oblivion last did he come back...
he had the toughest year of his career in 2010 and it needed a big change in his thinking and commitment to turn it around.

you can read him talking about it from last september , the mental adjustments he talks about are fascinating to read.

What mistakes?
By mistakes I mean you come into the team, you have some success and you think, "Yeah, I can do the same things on the field all the time," which is not possible. Then after playing for India, you think, "I can do whatever I want," which is also not possible. It's just immaturity. No experience, so you make mistakes and hopefully you learn something from them, and from the older players.

I see a lot of youngsters like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, who are very talented and flamboyant. As a senior I tell them not to make the same mistakes I made, and try to guide them to a better tomorrow. When I began playing, you could say the game was changing, the distractions were beginning. Now the distractions are too much and my advice to the younger guys is mostly not to be distracted by what is happening outside and to concentrate on the game.

Do they listen?
They don't listen, especially Rohit and Virat. [Suresh] Raina still listens a little bit, but Rohit and Virat always argue with me. I don't blame the youngsters for not listening, because a lot of times Sachin or Sourav or Kumble said something to me and I said "What do they know?". But it's just your ageā€¦ boys mature very late. That's what I've learned from my life. As a senior, I think it's our duty to help the junior guys, like [Ravindra] Jadeja and Praveen Kumar. I think it's our duty to help them as their career progresses. Hopefully they'll listen, if not to me, to other players.

When you say distractions, you mean partying, money, celebrity?

It's everything. When you are playing for the country, you start having a status. Then you want a big house. Then you want a nice car. You become famous, people start liking you, there is media hype around you. More than the positives, which these may sound like, there a lot of negatives. You start concentrating on other things, going out with your friends, saying "I'll practise tomorrow." At that moment it's important that there is someone to guide you and tell you, "No, your cricket is more important and everything here is because of your cricket. So practise five to eight hours, and after that do whatever you want to." You need to have a balance.
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