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Originally Posted by Naimul_Hd

I understand you have the raw talent and eagerness to be a good cricketer but only having those wont help you much than being a mediocre 'jack of all trades, master of none'. So,

-Enroll yourself in a good cricket clinic/coaching.
-Learn basics first and increase your cricketing skills and knowledge.
-Eat good and healthy food. Avoid junk foods/spicy foods.
-Do exercise regularly to maintain body in shape and to increase muscle strength.
-Keep an eye for all the updates of "Age group" competitions and trials camp in UK or BD.

InshaAllah one day your dreams will come true.
How does having raw talent and eagerness make someone 'jack of all trades'.... Seems like you just wanted to use the phrase and that's why put it in. Weird.
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