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Originally Posted by maysun
just hope the injuries catches up with Barca more often. But the mindset of the Liga teams is so pathetic, they almost give up when facing Barca and look extra motivated when they face Madrid. But it's a long season, and anything can happen. You just can't pinpoint Barca for taking it.
That sounds eerily like the mantra Livershit fans spout at teams when they play United.

You do realize Real lost La Liga last season by 4 points, and the difference between Real and the 3rd placed team was TWENTY ONE points.

In their head to head matches, Barca beat Real, 5-0, and drew 1-1, that right there is your difference, 4 points. So instead of blaming the lesser teams...why not simply admit, Real were 2nd best.

As it is, La Liga is messed up, with Real and Barca refusing to share tv revenue with the other 18 teams, so while Real and Barca get €140mil each, the 3rd placed team gets €48mil and you want to know what the bottom team receives? €13mil!

In the PL, United as the top team received €70mil and the bottom team received €42mil
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