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Originally Posted by Raynman
Lets not overlook the real issue. ODI and T20 came into being due to test crickets Inability to sustain itself. T20 brings viewers, money, opportunity to expand the game and opportunities for players to make a true professional living.

To cultivate a culture that will limit a sport to 9/10 countries is truly pointless and meaningless. Test can remain as a grandfathered format with all its elitism in place but T20 is the way forward.

ODI would be well served as the centerpiece through the World Cup and possibly a league with equal home/away games over a 2 year period. All bi lateral will be seperate to FTP at discretion of the 2 boards.

T20 should become the flag bearer with Olympic status and regional tournaments to supplement the domestic leagues.

I don't see a point for Ireland, Afghanistan etc to invest in the long format. The FTP cannot sustain new teams and they are better off building teams for the shorter format.

Just a reminder, typically when u start to defend tradition and purity it usually means you are trying to convince your self more so than the rising tide that is bringing on a change
You are talking as if you are icc member or something... we are cricket fans here not businessmen. I couldnt care less about the financial aspects, to me test cricket is much more enjoyable and the quality far superior to odi/ t20. Fans shouldnt have to worry about money when discussing the actual merit of a format.
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