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Originally Posted by SportingBD
Those who already came out of the market, great job.
From my observation, most participants in this thread are side watchers.
and many claim many things after the fact, never before. For example, I can gurantee u that you still don't have a penny in market and you wont in next 5 years either. Even after this market eventually bottom even if it's at zero. Let us know if anything changes ahead of time not after the fact.

I have seen all sorts of investor. you my friend are a side watcher and will remain so forever.

Some people literally have no escape, since they already have lost enough.
They are still in the market (with minimal hope) of recovering a bit of value.
Yes there is. they can sell and preserve and get back in later. Market trimmed only 15% or so. It can trim 60%. It happened in the past.
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