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Originally Posted by BengaliPagol
I didnt leave my picks so i got skipped. That understandable. But right now im waiting for Zunaid bhai to make his picks and he hasnt replied (not too sure if he left picks with Dillu) so doesnt that mean he should be skipped as well? Im confused
When you got skipped, everyone was either here or left their pick with Dillu, if you go through the last few pages of the draft thread you will see how quickly we got through the last 2 round. How can you be waiting for Zunaid bhai? After zunaid bhai goes it will work all the way up to the table and than all the way down and than you will go again. There's another 10+ picks left between you and zunaid bhai. In your case everyone that goes literally after you were waiting for you to go. So you had to be skipped in order for the rest to go through. Plus you gotta remember Dillu is the one that has the authority to skip you, it's just your bad luck that Dillu and everyone else was right there. Had everyone else was there but dillu wasn't there, we couldn't have skipped you without dillu's permission. It's not a perfect system but we gotta make it work some how.
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