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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
i wouldn't say he's a villain although calling a cat mohammad is coming close.

if you don't think so just imagine if he was holding a hog and the kid said "muhammad shuor"
Now that we're talking about imagination, it's hard to imagine that a Bangladeshi kid would go around carrying a pig in his hand. You can say that jokes are usually unrealistic, but the joke teller/cartoonist will usually try to make the imagined world resemble real world as close as possible.

and he wasn't making a bold statement. if he was going to piss off the mullahs and get himself jailed, he should have picked something more worthwhile. what about all those acid throwing incidents? bangla bhai? etc, etc.
Why should everything must carry a great meaning or serve deep purpose? People read light jokes, chuckle if they like it and forget it within a day regardless of whether they liked it or not when they read it first.

the artist was an idiot.

even me with my trigger happy mouth knows better than to risk my job over something which makes absolutely zero societal impact.
Who could know that some people will make mountain out of molehill over a ordinary joke? After this incident the editors will surely be more careful to ensure "political correctness" of anything they print. But is it a good thing to let political correctness dominate over common sense and general conscience?
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