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Originally Posted by Max100
I wouldnt select abul even after his century. I think it was a fluke and it wont happen again.

Some guys are so lucky to get national call after playing few matches, other guys dont get any matches after playing so many matches and with some decent performances

Abul--- played only handful matches
Sohag gazi--- much less than others
Mashrafe-- didnt play much before national team
Rubel hossain-- same story
I think it was very unlucky for us that Mash kept getting injured. He had the potential and I am sure would've been one of the best fast bowlers in international cricket. God really is cruel to us. Umpires give bad decisions, players with talent never bloom(sir Ash), payers who could become the best is plagued by injuries( Mash), players who are Exceptional are becoming satisfied with just mediocrity due to the mediocrity around them, lack of competition( Tamim) and players who now have lost all the fun in their games due to all the pressure and hopelessness( Shakib). if there is a god he is a cruel one indeed.

Mash could've and I am sure would have inspired a whole generation of youth to become fast bowlers if only he had succeeded and gained international fame. Much like Imran Khan or even how Mohammad Rafique or Sakib is to all the numerous SLAs strewn across the country.

I sincerely hope Rubel can take up that mantle

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