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Originally Posted by Cats_eye
Managing anger is a virtue.
Originally Posted by adolf_hitler
I cant agree on the fact that he shouldnt have gone physical. Its easy for you to say that watching the game from your couch and say "Hey, why did you have to mess up the game"

I already feel intense hatred and anger against matarazzi for what he said. Lets cut the sportsman/gentleman ethics crap for once. A headbutt doesnt consolidate what Matarazzi did, I hope some mullah declares fatwa on him like they did on Rushdie so he never shows his face in world football again.
There is a time and a place for retaliation but unfortunately the Olympiastadion on July 10th was not it. Had Zidane chosen to withold his emotions Matarazzi would have faced much sterner consequences as a result of the subsequent FIFA Investigations. Zidane couldn't do so because he was weak. This issue has been argued to it's death. Most people have moved on. Frankly, the extremist views you are taking on some matters is quite disturbing. Easy now, don't kill me.

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