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Why have I feeling this thread degenerated into a** fascination? Oh well...riddle me this, riddle me that.

11. Does Jom leave the one who smears his body with sh!t?
12. Art thou dying, poor grasshopper,that thou voidest the death-sh!t?
13. Pressing cowdung, rising villain!
14. Lotus growing on cowdung.
15. Seeing elephant's dung, hare's passage bursts!
16. He sh!ts on the road, and his eye reddens!!
17. New crow has learned to eat sh!t.
18. No sign of crapping yet loud fart noise!
19. In fart n feces, yet he prepares sacrificial food with sun-dried rice!
and of course,
20. The clown meets death on the tree-top.

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