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^if we go by the priority list then we won't even need to have a cricket team. why even have BPL and play foreign players so much money when the country is still that poor.

even few weeks ago India had some villages with no electricity. and finally I think a week or two ago, they brought electricity to those last villages. but that didn't stop India from being ambitious and achieving other goals.

finally, this satellite is not only for just PR reasons. There are some tanigble and monetary benefits to it.

Additionally, sometimes an emerging country needs to showcase its growth to the rest of the world. Maybe this collaboration with France, Russia, and SpaceX will bring some investment and talent nurture within Bangladesh. Somewhere in BD, a 10 year boy or girl is watching this and dreaming of becoming a scientist. Maybe when they grow up we don't have to rely on foreign companies and can build it ourselves.

Not everything can be justified with money and priority. If we go by that list than we can't do or compete anything internationally because it will take at least 100 years just to fix our pressing domestic issues.
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