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I'll say it again, since people were talking about libaration war related book and no one else had any comment about it. If you have not read it yet, please go to and download maa. and read it. it might be a few hours of your life, but trust me it worths it. a must read for anyone who can read bangla.

about taslima nasrin, my opinion is, she just wanted to be famous by writing things that will create controversy. of which she has succeeded 100%.

she will always start with a valid issue. when i read it through, I'll like: true, true, thats right, true....... wait a second, what the heck is she talking about? she will take a valid issue, and will start to interpret it and slowly but surely she will twist the truth and will come to a conclusion that does not make any sense.

if u are not sure what i'm talking about, read her conclusion first, and without reading the middle go to first, and u'll be surprised to see what she have drived from what. but it is done quite nicely and if u read it, seems quite reasoning.
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