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Originally Posted by ToBeFair
Interesting depiction of ground reality from Shingara that we do not hear otherwise from traditional/mainstream media.

On a lighter note, UK is unfortunately an island. Otherwise, building a WALL would have solved all problems.
There are a lot of Africans who have boated it across to Europe and are waiting in France to come here. Our govt does not want them as they claim to be asylum seekers and France or any country in Europe where they first landed would have given them asylum. But, they are greedy and want to move to UK only. They try getting on dinghies or on the back of lorries to come here.

Recently, Serbia did a visa-free pact with Iran. Iranians were then dinghying it to the UK from there.

Originally Posted by adamnsu
Your statement that you dont know a single Asian who voted remain, explains your answer really.

A good example is Tulip Siddiq, and her constituency which include a good number of British Asians, and 75% voted remain! Maybe you might not know these people personally but it rules out your point I am afraid.

Well you have missed my point Shingara bro. You talked about another aspect of Brexit and I highlighted another point. This was about the white British working people, which you dont fall into despite being British.

The Brexit itself was a propaganda of that UKIP and help with the media kind of pushed this further. Immigration has been a hot topic other the past decade and the UK government has been trying to tackle where it can apart from EU citizens who have free travel.

Or, there's another group who will tell you that people who voted for Brexit are racists. No, we are not. We don't want EE scum coming over here!
I find these two comments on a juxtaposition really

Also the BBC in particular news cant be without some merit. The EE issue is mainly a problem in London really. How do you explain other constituency outside London who dont have an EE problem that voted for Brexit?

The UK is in a bit of a mess due to poor management and poor diplomacy. It will be a really difficult period for the next few years for all of us.
That Tulip is an attention-seeking idiot. She was asking about her EU constituents in parliament. Hello... they did't and can't vote for you.

That comment about whites being fed up ... erm... EE's are white too! Why would they want Brexit then ?
The English are very very lenient and have been letting us Asians and Africans come here for years. Bangladeshey onno shob desher manush evabey asha shuru korley , amra eder moto na hoye ulta mair dhor kortam.

EE problem is not linked to London only. I have travelled to a few counties and EE's are everywhere. Lincoln is the worst example.
UKIP has been talking about coming out of EU for the last 20 years! Only when finally s**t hit the fan, did everyone finally pay attention to them.

Adam bhai, We are against uncontrolled immigration from EE, not immigration in general.
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