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Originally Posted by adamnsu
The white working class are fed up with so many none whites taking over their country. So they thought the only way to get some control back is through Brexit without thinking much of the economic consequences and governments inability to come up with plans going forward. The sentiment is not anti towards Europe as a whole but towards EE people.

Tbh I can already see the working class EE, the intelligent ones packing their bags and heading home.
That's bs Adam bhai. Stop watching BBC and Sky news. They think old people voted to leave and that young people would have voted differently. Or, there's another group who will tell you that people who voted for Brexit are racists. No, we are not. We don't want EE scum coming over here!

I don't know a single Asian who voted to remain btw.

We asked EU that we want to stop this free migration of people and they said we can't have it. Comes as part of the package.
Our incompetent Conservative govt. had two years to plan things, the PM is a bloody remainer and so are her ministers. They left it till the last minute. Could have been worse, if Labour was around, more EE scum would have arrived.
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