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So, what is Brexit and what is all this fuss about ?

What is the EU ?
European economic community EEC was formed in 1957 so that all the wealthy countries of west Europe could trade amongst themsleves. That slowly started to expand and other poorer countries from East Europe joined it. This then became known as the European union, EU. The EU acts similar to US with all countries being treated like states. EU decides laws and all EU members have to follow these laws.

What is Brexit?
Britain decided it was not in the best interest of the country in remaining part of this bloc. There was a public vote, where British and Commonwealth citizens participated and 52% of the country voted to say we want to leave the EU.

On the ground, what is going on ?

In May 2004, the EU welcomed ten new member states – the majority from Central and Eastern Europe. Initially Britain's ruling power, the Labour govt. set quota restrictions on how many people could come here from these countries for 10 years ( AFAIK ). Once that restriction ended a few years ago, people from East Europe have been flooding into the UK. Officially, our govt says that there are about 4m of them here. But, our govt likes to cook the books so that the public don't get outraged. So, in reality, there may be 7m that the govt is aware of. Now, there are no border checks or passports used when people move around in the EU. So, in reality there could be 10m here! The govt predicted only hundreds to a thousand would come every year - they were sooo wrong!

East European countries are poor and corrupt. Citizens from countries such as Poland, Romania, Bulgaria & Lithuania are mannerless.
We offer govt benefits ( aka free money )to citizens in the UK. EU citizens can also apply for these while in the UK. These benefits could be child benefits ( if you have kids ) or housing benefits ( free or reduced rent houses ) or unemployed benefits ( you can't find a job ). These East Europeans EE's have been coming here with their whole dynasties and have been claiming benefits. They then send this money back home to their own countries. We are pi$$ed that money from our taxes are being paid to these people and essentially our money is being siphoned off overseas. We are also giving away free houses/flats to these. Naturally, our govt is being economically drained and our debt is increasing sharply!
( )

These people have also been taking our jobs and posing problems for us in the job market. Teens can no longer easily find jobs at Fast food chains to earn easy money as EE's have taken up these jobs. If you are from Africa or Asia, you need to have good English otherwise you can't land a job. Yet, these people have been landing jobs due to their shada chamra and can't even construct a basic sentence! Some Asian businesses like restaurants have been employing them as cheap labour as they are contracted for £x / day rather than the legal £7.83/hr or even putting them on zero hour contracts - ajkey kaj nai, bashay jao. Jeidin kaj thakbey taka paiba.

And EE men all think they can do construction work( they are not qualified or have experience ). They undertake work in private homes such as house refurbishment, roof repair etc. and always ask for ca£h. They do not have registered companies and do not pay tax on their incomes. They either send money back home or a few of them get together and buy a house. Property prices have rocketed as a result in the country esp. London and almost every new house is bought by an EE.

Crime has also rocketed. EE's bring over acids, drugs and guns from back home as there are no border checks.Thus, these days you see acid attacks and people being shot. They are mannerless and violent and don't fear the Police. They don't hesitate to commit crimes like violent assaults or sexual assaults or rapes. If you tell them anything, e.g. if they are smoking or drinking alcohol on a train ( both illegal ) , they will come and swear at you or beat you up. Burglaries are their favourites. Most houses stay empty during they day as people are at work. They break in and take everything. They keep an eye on people's garbage ( empty TV box means this house has bought a new TV ). Good cars are also targeted. Many cars driven in East Europe still have UK number plates!
They love to target Asian families as we love our gold jewellery. Armed with things similar to metal detectors, your jewellery will be found even if it is in a dhooder tin!
EE gangs have established themselves here and have set up their prostitution businesses in pop-up brothels in every area. Women are trafficked from East Europe with false promises of work by them and forced to work as prostitutes. Pimps or the whores themselves target young men on High streets. You can see MASSAGE stickers plastered everywhere.

What about their behaviour ? They will huddle around bins or outside betting shops and make a lot of noise, smoke and drink and urinate wherever they feel like. They are racist and can't stand Asians or Blacks. If I suit up and sit on a train, I have often seen EE's stare at me in disgust as if they should be in my place and I should be their kajer bua. Or they'll come and sit next to you and ***accidentaly*** hit you with their legs or step on your foot or hit you with their bag.
Almost all EE families have two cars and dogs. They got their driving licenses in East Europe ( most likely posiha diya kinsey ) and this reflects in their horrendous driving. Bangladesher moto driving korey - no lane discipline, driving towards oncoming traffic, speeding, tailgating , queue jumping etc. You get into an accident with them and they either are driving with fake reg plates or have no insurance! Traffic is also horrendous these days and you could be stuck in a traffic jam on dual carriageways.I have stopped doing my weekly shopping due to this.

As our economy is in a bad shape, our stupid govt. has reduced police numbers by getting rid of thousands. So, EE crooks have come in but our police numbers have fallen. If you get mugged or burgled, police won't do anything to catch the crooks.

EE's pickpocket and beg on trains and streets - we never had these here before they came. Ekdin dekhsi garitey pani diya moochey taka chay. If you are using expensive phones and are watching a movie or just browsing on the train, they will get on the train and target you. Just before the doors close, they'll swoop down, take your phone and run out of the train.

We also have a bs EU law - European Human rights. If you a foreigner who comes here and commits a crime, you can't be deported back to your own country as this EU law will prevent it!

Factories and various companies outsource their work and have contracts with agencies, who will ONLY employ EE's! If youa re Brit and call them up, they shamelessly tell you, Sorry, EE's only!

In classrooms, Brit kids are left on their own as teachers are too busy helping EE kids who can't read or write English!

You want to see a Doctor ? It's no longer same day or next day like before. I have to wait a month before I can see my Family doctor.

When I get on a train these days, everyone sitting or standing around me is an EE. I mean wtf? Asians have been here for 100 years and Africans have been here for 200 years, yet you see more EE's than either! On some trains, people pile into the train ( Search on Youtube for what happens on Japan's peak hour trains ) at stations like Westham.

Bangladeshi sromiks who went to countries like Italy ( actually they are worse than ME sromiks ) to sell flowers in parks have also come here en masse as you don't need an English medium school here.

We are tired of EE's coming here and milking us and ruining the standards of our society and thus we all want Brexit.

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