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Originally Posted by Roy_1
this is too much, you guys are just too emotional, although I think I can relate to this, we were like this during the 90's and early 2000, we too used to built castles of conspiracies out of thin air, dwelling in a victim mindset, when wining became more like a habit all these hyper nationalism started to normalize, most people now learned to take this as just a game, no one cares about Jamodis and bilaterals this days, though ICC cups and matches against Pakistan are still enough to send us to an adrenaline ride,same will happen to BD fans as well, once you start wining more and more matches people will start taking the odd defeats as a part of the game not some supe duper global conspiracy against Bangladesh.

BTW isn't that big 3 thingy already discarded?

PS: This is just my observation, if you in any way find this offensive, let me know, I will delete this post

I appreciate your observation, - this is how you think- but that does not mean I agree with what you have said. there is nothing to feel offensive for me, infact this is why we are here to share our different views but as long as it is within the forum rules. However one thing I really wonder about these virtual forums is how people get emotionally involved in spicy disagreements. Also shows quite clearly who are more emotional ones and who gets boiled up with a little bit of instigation...
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