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Originally Posted by rez_1
feeling pity for jahirul, in wu match opened the innings in tough condition with the new ball and under overcast(it was raining other day). Must have faced good deliveries with new balls seaming around and scored decent runs, then comes mominul when the ball was getting older in a relatively better situation and scored surplus of jahirul. And is well deserved to get the chance in main ix over jahirul.

The thing is should we be more concerned with scoring runs or the person who can sustain in difficult conditions. Can mominul negotiate the new balls and score that fluently if the top order falls out quickly. I guess these things should also come in consideration while choosing the team, i mean the techniques all-together .

Well this is just a hypothesis as it looks like from a distant, it can be other way round with jahirul getting out in rash shot and mominul surviving better balls with due respect to both of them.
কি মধুর সমস্যা! কাকে রেখে কাকে নেই...!!!

এইবার ভাবেন, সাকিব থাকলে আরো কত সমস্যা হত?
ছেলেটার মাথায় বুদ্বি আছে - মধু-চন্দ্রিমায়ও গেল আবার আকরামকে এই সমস্যা থেকে মক্তিও দিল!!
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