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Originally Posted by sensible
The dailystar reports:
Iajuddin resigns from chief advisor’s post amid political crisis Justice Fazlul Huq given CA charge
UNB, Dhaka
Reconstitution of the council of advisors of interim government within 2-3 days
President Professor Dr Iajuddin Ahmed decided to stand down from the post of chief adviser (CA) of the nonparty caretaker government, amid an insurmountable standoff between two rival political camps over the general election.
He announced the decision while addressing the nation on the state-run radio and television tonight, after declaring a state of emergency.
The President invoked the emergency powers to stem the tide of unrest triggered by election-resistance programmes launched by a grand alliance led by Awami League.
He said, “The senior-most adviser has been given the charge of chief advisor before reconstituting the council of advisers of the interim caretaker government in a day or two.”
Thats's not a wise move.

AL will object about Justice Fazlul Haque. As Iajuddin stepped down it would have been wise to dissolve the whole CT government and make a fresh one using advisors of previous CT government like Wahiduddin Mahmood et al if not Dr. Younus.
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