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Originally Posted by iDumb
Why don't you start? Write about few companies here and do your value analysis. Here is the thing you are forgetting.. there are multiple analysts from multiple different financial institutions who are already doing that for you. You just have to read those. At the end of the day all valuations are driven by projected numbers and it's upto you to figure out if those numbers will be beat or missed.

Value investing is just one way of doing it. Buffet has been underperforming for a decade now because he completely missed the consumer digital revolution as he wasn't smart enough to catch consumers changing behaviors.

i think the real question is have you started investing in market yet or are you still reading articles and books and becoming very knowledgeable without having skin in game.

pp care about short term because it's fun and they keep u informed. and they wanna win sooner.
The truth is no. I have not. And I don't see myself being in the market soon, with the uncertainty in UK. If I do get in, as indicated, I will look to invest in the FTSE.

It's not easy to beat the index, as Buffett has explained over the years, those who invest in an index fund (say S&P500) outperform 90% of the people in the investing world over time. Buffets underperformance is justified, he himself has said, that over time, the S&P500 is a better bet than Berkshire.

About books and knowledge, no. I work in a field, where it's part of my job to analyse companies, and write reports. I look for companies that are financially resilient (or not), and go through a lot of data (which is extremely time consuming). But I feel happy, that the work is valued by the press (thanks to almighty God).

It's not a bad thing when Financial Times and others seek your analysis (not to boast, but feels good). There have been companies that went bust in UK, which I have highlighted 2-3 years ago and the press picked up on my analysis. But what good is this for me? to be frank, not much, only the clients/press benefit from it, and of course the company I work for, simply because they can say we told you so.

+ You can win in short term in value investing also. There is no set rules, except the seeking of big margin of safety.
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