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Originally Posted by tonoy
What's your thoughts on buying Boeing? I'm also thinking about amazon and netflix. So many options...

I own Boeing. It's a great company but I don't think the price has gone down the way it should have in in the aftermath of the MAX design crisis. If the stock price was hammered to begin with like it should have been, i would be all over it. Becuase realistically there are only two companies in the world that makes commercial planes - boeing and airbus. with increase in international travel, airlines companies just need more planes and also update their old planes.

So despite all the crap that's been happening Boeing don't really lose orders. No matter what Boeing will continue to thrive in decades to come - this 737 max disaster will eventually be fixed. And you will still be flying in boeing planes in decades to come.

having said that the current stock price DOES NOT REFLECT what is happening at the company. it's that high likely because investors realize the duopoly in plane manufacturing.

I don't think you will lose a ton of money if you invest in boeing even if something else come up. I also don't think u will gain so much given the stock price hasn't really gone down after such a disastrous accidents thats clearly their fault.

if u wanna buy look at charts and look for support. Current price of 330 looks like somewhat of a support.
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