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Some more problems caused by EE's that I have seen recently :
-They go from shop to shop begging
-Hear 'There are pickpockets operating on this train' announcements by the Train driver
-They sell roses on the train and ask for money
-Started having street games in order to trick you and leave you out of pocket ( e.g. find the ball under the cup )
-Busking illegally on various streets
-They have set up tents on various green areas and live there
-They occupy part of supermarket car parks with their caravans and start living there!
- If you go to the Met Police website, you will see that most are EE criminals.
-EE's have started modern day slavery here by employing fellow EE's as slaves at various hand car washes.

Amazon employs these EE drivers on zero hour contracts. This causes someone local to be without a permanent job. Many dodgy students who after frustrating the legal system are meant to go back end up marrying or contract-marrying EE girls to stay here.

The salary requirement for anyone to get a visa in the UK is around £18,000 i.e. you must have a job offer before coming here. A supermarket cashier earns £14,000. Many of us Asians who could not meet this salary requirement ended up living in other countries of Europe after first trying to come here. They have also moved in en masse. The UK is an expensive place. If you can't afford to live here, why are these people coming here? - For 10 families to live in a house meant for 3 ?

Road congestion has also increased as EE's each have a car ( used manual cars can be had for dirt cheap or leased latest cars can also be obtained ) and I find myself driving at 5mph on a 50mph road these days! The other day, I was driving on a motorway at 70mph and the EE in front of me kept braking every 10 seconds. I kept back but had to drive at 50 to have a smooth drive. Once there was space in the slow lorry lane, I changed lanes and overtook and then found out the harami had no one in front of him and he even had the audacity to laugh at us as we raced past him. Racist mofo - should have totalled him.
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