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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
I wrote it on my YouTube page. It is littered with expletives so hopefully it will auto-censor by the forum program. This was once my recent realization which I am sure and no doubt ToBeFair will appreciate.
That was a GREAT AWAKENING. Initially I did not read it.

And yes, if you are wondering I did finally find peace after all afterwards. Just like Eminem said: "Once I stopped giving a f*** that's when things turned around."
I think I went thorough similar awakening - now I have become a thick skinned person who outwardly is emotionless (but has a great soft heart inside ).

One consequence of such awakening: say in my office or academia, what others say about my performance or what grade I get, it does not matter to me. If I am happy with my performance/learning, I will be happy. Praise or dispraise from people no longer affect me.

Another example: desi parents. Often we try very hard to please them only to be told how wonderful other's children are and how pathetic we are compared to them. But after that awakening, I am secure now. If I think that I have done my best and if I feel the sincerity in my heart with God, I can peacefully dispose/ignore all other opinions.
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