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Originally Posted by bangladesh_sy
i'm eagerly looking forward to summer. I been counting days since spring semester started. kintu ekhon tension shuru hoise, ekhono internship pai nai. ekhon summer e ki korba Allah jane.
I got interviewed by a couple of grades are that bad that as soon as i sent my transcript that were like..."uhhh, we are not interested in you anymore!"

the other company didn't hire me because they were looking for a mechanical engineering and electrical engineering while i am only computer! plus i told them that i wanted to become a math professor but i did engineering because my parents forced me to and i didn't object! now you know the rationale behind my bad programming skills (i am re-taking java over this summer(passed it with a C first time...but i want to improve on it!), so that at least i have some shot at companies who look for java type people!)

what i am eventually gonna do is get a math minor, stay an extra year and apply for grad school for mathematics, and follow the route to become a math professor(at college level at least!)!


keep your hopes up, look for an on-campus job @ UCONN, that is most likely what i will end up doing.

you should ALWAYS go to career fairs, why not do a CO-OP? always check the engineering site for more info career fairs at UCONN are always a hit
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