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Originally Posted by billah
My question to all of you trigger-happy thread opening so-called fans: It's been over 8 hours since the match finished.

Where is the thread for a Special Thanks to Shakib for a SUPER HUMAN effort !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Originally Posted by alibangali
Why are people blaming shakib, he has been exceptional in this match. Blame the rest of the toothless bowlers and incompetent umpires for the loss. 419 and 285 are good scores. Had we not leaked 499 after putting the pressure on them with our own good score than this match would have been ours. Match not winnable when they scored that first innings and took the lead.
Originally Posted by fais
to everybody who complained about Shakib's performance whichever part it is - pls for a second look at yourself and tell me wat is so gr8 about u - the 23 yr old captains, bowls the most overs and takes the most wickets, scores the most runs

what the hell do u want from him - to fly?!
Originally Posted by beshideshi
Ei game e Shakib er performance niye jokhon manush kharap kotha boltese, mejaj ta ekdom bikrito hoye jae. Chele tar komor bhanga, injection niye maathe naame, 80 over ball korse, 150 run korse, jaan diye khelse, baki 10 ta gadha jodi or ordhek effort o dito, tailei to kisu hoye jaito. Shakib, you are the man! One of the greatest cricketer of this generation.
Totally's just the nature and the breed of this crowd, the age, the ignorance, all of it! What else can you expect from a stupid mass with a very poor intelligence? What's born as a begger, shameless backstabber, will always remain the same....Shakib Al Hasan wasn't meant to be understood by these. Juta maren ei fan-der gaale...
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