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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
Arrey bhai, this seems for me full time work inputs bhais...

The Saints Press Release:

New Orleans Saints names coaches:

Head Coach: Gordon Greenidge
Bowling Coach - Pace: Jeff Lawson
Bowling Coach - Spin: Anil Kumble
Fielding Coach: Julien Fountain
Trainer: Arnold Shcwarzenager
Physio: Dr. M.H. Rubel
Curator: Pedro Ganzales
BK again, read the instructions please. You are killing me! 1 Batting, Bowling, Fielding coach. So I'm just assign GG as your batting, Lawson as your bowling, Fountain as your fielding coach. I don't think you can't afford Arnold Shcwarzenager with your Popeye chickens. IDK Who Rubel is. I don't even know how am I suppose to convert Ganzales' stats into the sim! (Good thing curator is not part of the sim. I just added for fun...)

Your deadline is almost over. Get those positions filled out, or else you will run without a trainer = injuries.

lol guess who BK's acting right now?
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